June 4th Karl Valentin is born in Munich as Valentin Ludwig Fey.


December 12- Liesl Karlstadt is born in Munich as Elizabeth Wellano the fifth of nine children.


Karl Valentin apprentices as a Carpenter.


Karl Valentin attends Komikerschule Strebel in Munich, he appears for the first time as Karl Valentin at the Variete in Nurenberg. The same year his father dies, he and his mother take over the family business Falk & Fey.


Under the name Charles Fey, Valentin goes on tour with his "orchestrion", a self designed and constructed one-man band. The tour was not a success so he returns to Munich and destroys his orchestrion.


Karl Valentin achieves success as a comedian. having established his unique style, combining his elastic physical language with his playful verbal syntax. The subject of his humor being everyday life, authority and common man.


At 17 Karlstadt begins to perform on folk stages and cabarets in Munich.